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Jen P.

Parents may choose to hire a sleep consultant for many reasons, for me the most valuable thing about working with Mandy was her real time support and troubleshooting. Despite doing my own research on newborn and feeling confident in the fundamentals, Mandy’s support proved to be invaluable once I began formally sleep training my daughter at 4 months. I had been already laying the foundation for healthy sleep habits with Mandy’s help since she was 6 weeks old but there was still a lot to be learned! Mandy was so amazing at answering my never ending questions about tweaking wake windows and reassuring me when I second guess myself. Haylee went from waking every 2-3 hours a night to waking only once to feed and sleeping a solid 12 hours at night within the first week! I often read about babies sleeping through the night and had thought that was merely an unachievable dream for us but with Mandy’s custom sleep plan outlining the process step by step, this dream has been fulfilled! 

Mandy’s approach is gentle and she meets you where you are comfortable. 

She is extremely knowledgeable and has been through it twice with her own girls so she also teaches from a personal experience. She is relatable and available through text/email throughout the process. Mandy has always been willing to help tweak schedules or provide further understanding regarding what your baby may be experiencing every step of the way. When you work with Mandy, you also get the brains of the rest of her team as they all work closely together helping troubleshoot any challenges you may run into. 

Tiffany C.

What an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE working with Mandy from SLEEP TIGHT CONSULTING BC! From the first moment I reached out to her with my 5 month old daughters sleep struggles, I was immediately IMPRESSED by her THOUGHTFUL and KNOWLEDGEABLE information. She assessed current sleep habits and even my apprehension towards “crying”, to CUSTOMIZE a sleep plan that worked for both baby and my needs.


Within the first few minutes of our meeting I was so excited to get started as her plan made perfect sense for our family. And by the first nap we were already seeing HUGE IMPROVEMENTS such as longer naps which meant a more well rested baby, long awake periods which meant the ability to practice new skills, and the best part was a bedtime routine that allowed me to spend more time with older siblings.


Mandy continued to check in with us along our journey which was so HELPFUL to have the SUPPORT and ability to ask questions along the way. Such a valuable skill for a baby to learn – SLEEP! Thank-you Mandy for all your care and support, my family and I are forever grateful!! 

Julie M.

I don’t even know where to begin. 3rd baby, first time sleep training .. co-slept all 3 kids until I basically had enough.. I was very hesitant to sleep train at first and made that very clear to Mandy during our consultation. BUT she worked a plan that worked for us and I can proudly say it’s been just over a month now and I think I’ve had to do 2 wake ups. She was 7 months when we started, and was co sleeping, needing to be rocked/held for naps, no schedule or routine, having a soother and waking up multiple times a night to sleeping consistently 12 hrs/night without any wake ups and we ditched the soother for good and is engaging in good sleeping habits in her crib by herself. She’s learned to self soothe and we could not be any happier. I seriously recommend everyone to Mandy! Her page is so informative and suggest following along!

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