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About Mandy.


Mandy Hancock

Certified Sleep Consultant

Hi, I’m Mandy! I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant who joined the Sleep Tight family early 2021. I am a Mother of two girls, and I am married to my best friend, Ritchie. 


I became obsessed with sleep when my oldest was 6 months. I reached out to Leeann Talbot, founder of Sleep Tight Consulting, in pure desperation as I was extremely sleep deprived and in a constant state of fatigue. Leeann helped me navigate my daughters sleep along with regaining my sanity with healthy sleep techniques that has forever changed our family’s lives. 


I am also a Registered Social Worker, working in the Child Welfare field for the past 6.5 years. I work as Guardianship Social Worker working with children in care. I believe that this has given me the experience to work with a wide range of children with complex situations and developmental needs. 


I have seen a range of attachment styles and how important secure attachment is for development. Therefore, I make it one of my main priorities to ensure that your baby can attain healthy sleep habits while forming and maintaining a secure attachment to their caregivers. 


I have seen first-hand how different each child is, even between siblings which is why I treat each client as an individual. Each client’s sleep plan is customized and tailored to meet the needs of the child and the family as a whole. 

Our Philosophy

I provide one on one support through your child’s journey to healthy sleep. I focus on methods that promote your child’s health and wellness with the help of evidence-based research while focusing on responsive and supportive parenting. It is important that we understand developmentally appropriate sleep patterns while setting realistic goals to help your little one. I believe in parents always trusting their instincts, as you know your child best.  

My clients become my number one priority providing you with daily one on one support. I am here to help you and will be available to support you step-by-step each day until you feel confident in the sleep plan we have created together. Sleep Tight  promotes supportive success and we feel in order to achieve success we need to be available to support families when needed. 

When I am not working with families, I love to laugh and hang out with my family. I have passed my obsession of Starbucks on to my two girls – sorry Ritchie! My favourite must-have baby product is a sound machine, preferably portable battery powered. My favourite place to vacation is Maui – I cannot wait to take my girls there. And my love for Barbie’s has been passed on to my first born, Blake – proud mom moment! 

Sleep Tight Consulting was developed in 2017 by Leeann Talbot.  In 2021, Leeann started a mentorship program where she trained and mentored 8 sleep consultants including myself. Leeann has put her heart and soul into this business and built a brand that teaches children how to establish healthy sleep habits with the best one-on-one support. 


Sleep Tight Consulting believes that healthy sleep habits is much more than teaching your child to sleep through the night. It’s about families having real educated support, while learning how to help their child sleep better. It is about setting that solid sleep foundation, so they become amazing life-long little sleepers.

In 2022, Leeann entrusted me to carry on the Sleep Tight brand and belief when I became the new owner of Sleep Tight Consulting.  


Leanne Talbot, Founder

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